Our Services

  • Construction- homes, multi-family housing, apartment buildings, restaurants, retail shopping centers and more.
  • Masonry Services
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Purchasing, renovating, and developing new construction projects

Scope of Services

Preconstruction Services

It is the phase of developing a solution based on the cost, time and quality goals that are established in the strategic phase of the project.

  • Conceptual Phase Activities
  • Develop Project needs and set goals (Define a Win)
  • Develop Master Schedule
  • Design Development Activities
  • Establish General Conditions
  • Prepare RFQ for Design Team
  • Correlate and review results for Design Team Selection

Construction / Occupancy Services

After the pre-construction is complete, we enter the construction phase in which we award the contract to the Trade Contractors who will perform the work.

  • Bidding and Award Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Close-out
     • Prepare close-out list