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Our approach to construction services is to always maintain consistency and to exceed the expectations of our clients. At Ashlar Construction LLC, we perform  services specifically allocated by the Contract documented, execution plan and design guidelines. We promote respect for others and are committed to provide the excellent service for each client and project. This is our commitment excellent and customer satisfaction.
Columbia University (masonry)


Concept - The projects may vary based on their size, the number of investors involved, budget and delivery date. No matter the size of the project, Concept delivers high standard of quality.

Initiation Phase – The initiation phase is the beginning of the project. The goal of this phase is to examine the feasibility of the project. The decisions are made concerning who is to carry out the project, which team will be assigned to the project.

Design Phase – The design phase list of requirements that are developed in the definition phase can be used to make design choices. The project supervisors use these designs to choose the definitive design.
This is followed by the development phase. 

Implementation Phase – The implementation phase involves the construction of the actual project result. This phase involves the construction of the project result. During this phase the project becomes visible to outsiders – the project has begun!

Commercial Construction- Tenant improvement, we’re committed to improving our neighborhood with total renovations and exterior/interior building, offices, healthcare facilities, schools, and revitalize communities. Our work includes, renovation to Bissel Building, schools in New York; PS 311, PS 290, New York Harbor School, New York School for the Blind, South Beach Psychiatric Center, addition to Astor Court at Bronx Zoo, McCarran Park and more. In Connecticut, East Main Street Library, Golden Coral, Trademark Apartments, Chase Collegiate School, Stratford Avenue Apartments.  

Residential Construction- Customer satisfaction, we are committed to maintaining superior services. Our work includes new homes and renovation in Ridgefield, Prospect, Wilton, Waterbury and other surrounding areas.

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